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  1. Hi Everyone, Very excited as we are only a few days away from the launch of Solstice. We've built up quite a good community already before launch. Once we launch and things are stable, I will be putting a large advertisement campaign into action. I really expect to see this server grow extremely fast and it will be an awesome journey for all of us. On top of that, you will see consistent updates from our awesome developers! If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to reach out to our staff team or myself. Launch Times: Est Time: Saturday, August 17th @ 1pm Bst Time: Saturday, August 17th @ 6pm Once the launch timer has ended, everyone should be able to download the client, login and play! I'm very excited to get things going. I think we are going to build an awesome community and together we will make this the most enjoyable for everyone here. Don't be afraid to leave suggestions after release and we will get working as quick as possible for you guys. Anyways, see you on the flip side in game! Best Wishes, Ajw.
  2. We're close to launch! Who is ready?!!

  3. Hey Everyone, In this first advertisement update I just wanted to announce we have started to launch some of our small pre-launch marketing campaigns. As you can see, we are already building up quite an awesome community before we have even launched. With this, you should expect to see our forum activity and community grow until we go live. Please stay active on the forums until the launch, and interact with all the new members joining. Very excited to see the awesome community we can build up here at Solstice! Best Wishes, Ajw.
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    Hey man, Welcome to Solstice. Excited to get to know you!
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    Welcome to Solstice. Let's get active on the forums and get things going 😋

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  6. Hello Everyone, Welcome to Solstice Rsps, the number one osrs server around. Read through this thread to get a bit of information on Solstice and the upcoming official launch. Pre-Launch Giveaway: Info: Please make sure you register within the first 200 members on the forums to be automatically entered into the pre-launch giveaway. Link: https://solstice-ps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17-pre-launch-250-250m-osrs-game-items-giveaway/ Pre-Launch Media: Info: We will be showcasing some media from Solstice soon. You can check that our here once it is posted. Link: https://solstice-ps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18-pre-launch-media/ What is Solstice? Solstice is a brand new fresh economy based osrs private server that will be launching soon. We plan to have our game very simple and enjoyable. We want to highlight every aspect of the game and make it perfect for every type of player (Pvp, Pvp, Skilling, Gambling, etc). How many players will Solstice have? The owners of Solstice have previously ran multiple servers with hundreds of players. We are taking our launch serious and will be expecting a lot of players. Our pre-launch marketing campaigns are starting now, so you should expect to see quite a big community building up before we even launch. What can we expect development wise? Solstice has been in development for quite some time. Our server & client is very unique and has hours on hours of work put into it with a lot of unique content and all of the latest osrs features. We have a very highly skilled development team that plans to continuously develop new content and features into Solstice that will make us soar above all competition. Other Information Staff Team: We will be looking to build a staff team from now until the launch of the server. Please stay active on the forums if you are interested in being a potential staff member of Solstice. Discord: Please join Solstice's Discord server here: https://discord.gg/QvtQcms Introductions: Post your introduction thread so we can get to know you here: https://solstice-ps.com/forums/index.php?/forum/12-introductions/ Other than that, we will be active on the forums to keep you guys updated. We are very excited to take Solstice to the top and build an awesome game and community while doing it! Best Wishes, Solstice Team.
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    Pre-Launch Media

  8. Hello Everyone, Excited to share a few snippets of media with you guys. We will release more media, information, and updates as we progress towards launch. For now enjoy a few sneak peaks of the live game and get yourself prepared for launch! Excited to see everyone in game soon. Best Wishes, Ajw.
  9. Hello Everyone, Our first giveaway will be held from now until the launch of Solstice. To enter, all you have to do is register on the forums. The first 250 registered members will be auto-entered to win the below prizes. Good luck, and make sure you register a forums account now! Entry Rules: *Winners will be picked two days after the launch of Solstice. *Each person is only allowed one entry. You can not make multiple accounts to enter. *To be eligible to win the below prizes, you must also have an in-game account with at least 1 hour of play time (once Solstice is launched). Cash & Osrs Gold (2 Separate Winners) $250 Cash 250m Osrs Gold Game Items (5 Separate Winners) 1x Toxic Blowpipe 1x Dragon Claws 1x Elysian Spirit Shield 1x Blue Partyhat 1x Bandos Set Good luck to everyone, excited to see you at the launch of Solstice!
  10. You must follow this format when reporting a bug: Forums or In-Game: Can You Re-Create The Bug: Any Explanation Of The Bug:
  11. You must follow this format when reporting a player: Forums or In-Game: Player Name: Reason Of Report: Any Evidence Below: